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Conway’s Natural Gypsum

Conway's Natural Gypsum has been formed for over ten years with owner/operator Tim Conway having 15 years experience in the gypsum industry.  The company's mines are all based around the Yaapeet area in the Mallee district.  The company has four full-time employees who help with the excavation, processing (material is all screened) and delivery of the material.  Currently Conway’s gypsum is delivered throughout Victoria and southern New South Wales with hopes of expanding into central New South Wales and South Australia in the future.

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Usage and Details

Agricultural gypsum is used for soils containing dispersible clays.  Symptoms of which are waterlogging, increased runoff, poor water storage, surface crusting, and problems with cultivation and erosion.  Sodium causes swelling and dispersion of clay, particles of which may then move through the soil, clogging pores and reducing infiltration and drainage.

The calcium from gypsum displaces the sodium which can then be leached deeper into the soil.  By reducing the dispersion of the clay, it allows more of the rainfall to enter the soil, reducing run-off and erosion risks and improving drainage after heavy rains.  The lower soil strength allows for more timely cultivation and seeding, and also allows improved crop performance from rapid emergence, improved aeration and efficient water use.

Media Release

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